Presently Rajtek, Inc. is working with a major Indian automotive company to develop and patent an IC engine with reduced parasitic losses. This engine could produce 25% more power of a similar conventional engine.

Rajtek, Inc. is looking for a potential simultaneous engineering partner to patent, develop and manufacture the following products:

1.RELIEF VALVE: Double acting mechanical Relief Valve for IC Engine lubrication and Transmission hydraulic systems to reduce frictional horsepower and related heat. This could eliminate the use of secondary engine and transmission coolers in an automobile.

2. FUEL SYSTEM TICK NOISE SUPPRESSOR: Presently auto companies are using NVH covers to reduce the tick noise from high-pressure fuel system. Our low cost device could eliminate the tick noise and reduce engine-manufacturing cost without using NVH covers and related manufacturing work.

3. VACUUM BOOSTER FOR BRAKE SYSTEM: Since Turbocharged Engines have positive pressure in the intake manifold, auto companies are using mechanical vacuum pump to generate vacuum for the brake system. Mechanical vacuum pump could be replaced with our low cost device to reduce vehicle / engine cost and improve its Horse Power.

4. HYBRID SUPER-TURBO CHARGER: Our unique air cooled and electronically controlled HSTC has brushless DC motor / generator that could eliminate conventional waste-gate and alternator.

5. Hydro-Pneumatic Hybrid power plant for automobiles

6. High exhaust gas temperature has been an issue for IC Engine developers to size proper Turbo Charger. Our device could optimize exhaust gas temperature and improve the performance and durability of Turbo Charger.

More products coming soon..